2015 Chevy Colorado Review: Full On Everywhere But Size

Late last year, Chevrolet launched the all-new Colorado and it became a huge craze here in the US. The all-new Colorado single-handedly revived a dead pickup truck segment and it came out with a beautiful new look, great performance and sophisticated technologies.

Yesterday, we got behind the wheel of the Colorado Z71 4WD Crew Cab variant and are still mesmerized by its offerings. When we were handed the keys to the Z71, we were greeted by a fairly large Colorado.

The pickup truck offers a tall driving height and it has quite a huge ground clearance too. This is surprising on our end because we thought that mid-sized pickup trucks are meant to be smaller.

Size-aside, the interior is also well done, although it could have been better. The Colorado’s interior has a nice dashboard layout. The only downside to it is with the hard plastics that are all over the place and the lack of colour options.

Being a new pickup truck, the Chevy Colorado has all the tech goodies that are required by the masses today. Among them includes multiple USB ports for charging, built-in wireless hotspot service, the MyLink system and the Driver Alert Package.

So we ignited the engine and were welcomed by the roar of the 3.6L V6 engine that have 305hp and 365Nm of torque to offer. Without any further delay, we started cruising on the freeway. The driving experience is simply unforgettable as the Colorado offers a smooth drive overall.

The suspensions are soft and there are too little body rolls for us to start complaining. The only shortcoming is with the transmission that can be very slow and often come up short. Well, this cannot be helped since the tuning is meant to make the Colorado a fuel savvy pickup truck.

At some points of our journey, we purposely hit the dirt trails at the side of the road and the Colorado performed as well as an average off-roader. We view the 4WD system as an added perk.

All in all, we really appreciate the Colorado and how well it performs when cruising. Of course, things would have certainly been better if Chevrolet offered a manual gearbox with the V8 mill. Also, Chevrolet needs to seriously reconsider the measurements of a mid-sized pickup truck.

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