2015 Chevy Colorado Review: Cheap Price Tag Is Just A Bait

The Chevrolet Colorado is definitely the highlight of this year as it came out to be one of the best pickup trucks in history. The Colorado exhibits great power while also being efficient. Some even say that the Colorado is also affordable but for us, it isn’t.

Apparently, the low base price of $20,995 for the entry level Chevrolet Colorado is nothing more than an illusion. To better understand the matter, consumers will have to refer to the Colorado vehicle generator found at Chevrolet’s website.

The online generator allows consumers to design the pickup truck with their needs in mind. The entry level fee of $20,995 only covers the 2-seater model with a small bed and all the basic appliances that runs on 2WD.

For certain, the basic model is not good enough for every consumer. For a decent rig, the Colorado will cost a whopping $38,915. This will add in 4-doors with an SLE Crew Long Box. Also, the decent Colorado is powered by a 3.6L V8 that has 305hp and 269ft-lbs of torque to spare.

The point here is that consumers need to fork out a minimum extra of ten grand if they wish for something decent and reliable. Considering the upgrades with that fee, the Colorado is without a doubt overpriced. For that same amount, there are many other great vehicles consumers can settle with.

Then again, none can question the love for the Chevrolet Colorado. Just by gazing at it, the pickup truck is by far the prettiest vehicle in its segment. Maybe, the above content can wake the masses from the Colorado hypnotism.

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