2015 Chevy Colorado: Bragging Rights Belong To Chevy

The next-gen Chevrolet Colorado has already been released and it has been topping the sales charts ever since. This is not surprising at all as the latest Colorado exhibits a super-stylish design that is also fully customizable via the vehicle’s online generator.

Furthermore, the Chevrolet Colorado has the right balance between power and fuel economy. In detail, the pickup truck is rated to achiever 3-5mpg more gas mileage than other vehicles in the segment. To complete the package, the Colorado has a very affordable starting price that stands around the $20,000 figure.

Chevrolet went public earlier today to reveal on how proud they are for the latest Colorado. The car manufacturer added that the Colorado was so popular that they were forced to hire many new workers to ensure that supply is sufficient at all times.

While it all sounds great for the Chevrolet Colorado, there is no way to really call it the best since the vehicle does not have any competition yet. This will look to change later this year when the next-gen Ford F-150 and the Toyota Hilux make their respective debut to challenge the Colorado.

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