2015 Acura TSX: What You Need To Know

Honda’s luxury arm, Acura, became the centre of attention last year when they launched the all-new TSX. Unlike the other Acura vehicles, the TSX came out in two variants. The first is a standard luxury sedan while the second is a Sport Wagon.

Regardless of the vehicle type, both TSX came out with a higher price tag than their predecessor. However, consumers will be treated to the 201hp I4 engine that is mated to a standard 5-speed automatic transmission.

On its own, the TSX can be described as something that is kind of dull. This is why it is important to get the Acura TSX with the Technology Package. Doing so will add in tons of new features like LED backlit full VGA navigation screen, rearview camera, Song By Voice (SBV) user interface, and the ability to download 15-gigabytes of personal music to the TSX’s hard disk drive.

There isn’t a lot wrong about the TSX but it lacks that X-factor that can make it more appealing than the BMWs or the Mercedes-Benz. Some blame the weird styling that does not look or feel luxurious at all. Nevertheless, the Acura TSX is still a great vehicle overall.


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