2015 Acura TSX: Aside From The Knob, It Is Not Special

Earlier this year, Acura updated the TSX with a facelift model. The latest TSX now comes in two different variants with one being a sporty sedan whiles the other being a Sport Wagon. Despite the minor changes, the TSX now retails at a higher price of $31,350.

Under the hood, the TSX is powered by a 201hp I4 engine that is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. For a luxury sedan, we find the TSX pretty mediocre, hence, making it important to purchase it with the Technology Package.

This will add in an LED backlit full VGA navigation screen, rearview camera, Song By Voice (SBV) user interface, and the ability to download 15-gigabytes of music on the vehicle’s hard drive.

Inside the vehicle, things are more profound than it is on the exterior. The dashboard is well-designed and crafted in a manner to offer better button layout. We can easily say that the control knobs on the Acura TSX is the best feature of the car as it performs better than that on the BMW and Audi.

On the downside of things, the display is not as sharp as how it is with other luxury vehicles and it can be difficult to view the screen when driving in broad daylight.

All in all, the Acura TSX is a simple and comfortable car to own. However, it is a disappointment on the luxury end of things.


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