2015 Acura TLX Review: One Flaw Spoils The Party

For a luxury carmaker, Acura can be said as the least popular of them all. Their latest TLX might exhibit some of the best features in the luxury sedan segment but it failed to capture the public’s interest.

There is simply little wrong with the TLX. The car is powered by a V6 engine that offers adequate power as it drives on the FWD system. In addition to that, the TLX arrived with a host of new technologies that is provided by the parent company, Honda.

After testing the vehicle, we discovered a major flaw with it and this could be why many are avoiding the Acura TLX. The issue is with the 9-speed regular automatic gearbox that does not match well with the powerful V6 engine.

For a car that generates 290hp, the least Acura could do is equipping it with an 8-speed dual-transmission clutch, together with the SH-AWD technology. Then again, it is rare to come across a Japanese-made vehicle that features dual-clutch. The mechanism is simply not favourable by the Japanese carmakers.

Nevertheless, the poor transmission can be described as the biggest setback for a potentially great luxury sedan. It is no wonder that the TLX is always the second choice when compared to other luxury sedans in the market.


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