2015 Acura TLX Review: It Should Be Better Than This

In the luxury market, it can be said that Acura is the least popular of them all in a global scale. The luxury arm of Honda tried to change this through launching the all-new TLX last month and while the sedan has so much to offer, we believe that it could have been better.

This is because of the choice of gearbox that is equipped on the TLX. It doesn’t take an engineer to realize that an 8-speed dual clutch transmission will do a better job with the car’s V6 engine instead of the standard 9-speed automatic transmission.

Having such a rig will surely boost the TLX performance, all while allowing it to reach beyond the 290hp mark. To complete the package, the TLX should be running on the SH-AWD platform. Unfortunately, the car runs on a pretty basic FWD system.

Then again, this cannot be helped as Japanese carmakers are known to avoid the dual-clutch system as they prefer to stick to the traditional single clutch mechanism. After all, the latter is proven to be more reliable and durable than the latter.

Of course, personal preferences does play a role in influencing sales and in Acura’s case, the TLX is not doing pretty well.


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