2014 Range Rover Review: A Mean, Boxy Machine!

Both the Range Rover Sport and Evoque are built with the curves but if consumers prefer a more vicious, merciless and boxy look, there is just the Land Rover Range Rover. It might be bigger than its predecessor but amazingly, it is 430kg lighter.

This is owed to the new aluminium monocoque which the company has spent millions in research. The new material cuts down weight by a staggering percentage, thus improving the Land Rover’s speed and of course, fuel efficiency.

The Range Rover comes equipped with standard air suspension and active lean software which makes it drive like a limousine. Consumers shouldn’t mistake the Range Rover for a sports car. It might have the power to speed like crazy but when inside the vehicle, the soft roar of the engine simply wishes for a relaxing cruise.

The comfort zone on the Range Rover is at a totally new level. The car has a bigger rear door openings and 118mm more legroom than its predecessor. Also, everything inside is finished with top-quality premium materials.

The Range Rover we tested is powered by a 4.4L SDV8 engine. This generates 339hp and 516lb-fts of torque. Sprinting from knots to 60mph takes 6.5 seconds and there is a top speed of 135mph. in short, the Range Rover we liked retails at £94,695.

Of course, there are other trim levels to choose from. There is the 3.0 TDV6 that cost £72k, a TDV8 with 335hp and 516lb-fts model and the supercharged V8 petrol that cost just under the £100k mark.

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