2014 Jeep Renegade Review: Same Old Jeep Performance But Better Designed

Back when Jeep launched the all-new Renegade, it raised many criticisms as the vehicle is inserted into the overcrowded compact SUV segment. Even so, many car junkies are showing interest for the Jeep Renegade due to its beautiful exterior.

We were among those who actually appreciates the Renegade’s design and decided to give the compact SUV a test drive yesterday. The amazement never stopped as we also enjoyed the comfortable interior. Also, the Renegade is equipped with brand new suspensions that are soft on every pothole crashes.

In short, we felt that the Renegade is not fit to be developed by Jeep. The gentler design language and comfortable interior made it seem like the Renegade was built by a different carmaker.

Then again, we managed to identify the Jeep in the Renegade after getting the vehicle to move. Powered by a 2L 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, the Renegade was supposed to be a powerhouse in the segment. However, we find the vehicle to be pretty underpowered as it struggled to overtake other cars when at high speed.

That is when we realized that the Renegade is not meant to be on the road. Instead, the Renegade’s powers are optimized for the muddy trails and hill climbing. Being a test car, we were unable to get a feel of the Renegade’s off road prowess but some of our contacts shared that the vehicle is super fine when not on the tar mat.

Then again, Jeep will surely find a hard time in selling the Renegade. As mentioned before, the compact SUV market is overpopulated. This means that competition is tough and the Renegade will have to produce something special if it wishes to win the hearts of many while not being limited to the off-road enthusiasts.

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