2014 Jeep Renegade Review: Beauty Meets Beast

What is there not to like about the Jeep Renegade? At a glance, we were delighted by how Jeep designed their first ever compact SUV. Instead of coming with a warfare design, the Renegade has a nice styling that is rare from Jeep.

When we meet the Jeep renegade for ourselves, we were heavily surprised to how the compact SUV is also able to offer a thoroughly comforting interior. It seems that everything about the Renegade looks perfect and all that is left is for us to take it for a spin.

Well, we did just that and found little problems with the Renegade. It cruises super smoothly and the tall height can be a pleasure for long distance driving. Also, we weren’t bothered much by the potholes and uneven road as the Renegade has soft suspensions to keep the bumps away.

Everything about the Renegade on the road feels decent. If there is a flaw with the compact SUV, we feel that it is underpowered due to the difficulties we faced when overtaking at high speed.

Then again, the best of the Renegade is not on the road but off-it. Being a Jeep, the vehicle is equipped with all the best off-roading features around. It can climb mountains, sprint on dirt trails and also surf on dunes with ease.

In figures, the Renegade is powered by a 2L 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine that develops 138hp pump through a 6-speed manual gearbox. The Jeep Renegade is truly a nice vehicle to own but we feel that it is meant for the off-road more than for general use.

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