2014 Jeep Renegade Review: A Trail Blazer At Its Best

The Jeep Renegade was released last month and it is truly and eye-catching vehicle. The Renegade is simply a beauty as it came out with a sleek design instead of something rugged like every other vehicle from Jeep.

We managed to get behind the wheel of the 2L 4-cylinder turbodiesel Jeep Renegade and were amazed by its offering. Apparently, the Renegade does not offer an exciting driving experience at all. The car accelerates sluggishly and it also feels underpowered when we attempted to overtake at high speeds.

This is surprising as our first impression on the Jeep Renegade suggests that the vehicle is going to be built for the general market due to its gentle design. Then again, the report card was right when it says that the Renegade only has 138hp from its large 2L engine.

That is when we realized that the Renegade is not best driven on the roads. There is a lever underneath the steering and when we pulled it, the Renegade engaged in 4WD mode. So without further a due, we went off the roads and starts driving like a maniac. The thrill offered by the Jeep Renegade is so great that we were lost for words.

In short, the Renegade is a masterpiece when it comes to off-roading. It is simply amazing on how we can be forgetful to the fact that the Renegade features Jeep off-roading mechanism after being enticed by the vehicle’s design.

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