2014 Honda Civic Review: It Looks Like A Car That’s Showing Its Age

The 2014 Honda Civic is showing its age if the creases that flow around the sides of the car are anything to go by. These come with the new look which also includes the black grille surround that looks like the car has a beak.

One of the biggest changes is to the engine of the 2014 Honda Civic as it comes with a 1.6 diesel engine, this was seen on the 2103 version, but of course it has received a makeover. Finally it is looking as though Honda have listened to what people want from a car.

There are some down points with the 2014 Honda Civic and these include the fact that the driving enthusiasm has been turned down somewhat and this leaves the drive groggy. The car is good to drive and we have heard that there is going to be a 1.4 litre and 1.8 litre version coming out. It has economy and power and good emissions which have been backed up with refinement and a great 6 speed gearbox.

The 2014 Honda Civic has plastic that is soft to the touch and all of the surfaces in the car are of a premium finish. Honda did manage to pack in lots of bold shapes and displays that are colourful and the ergonomics are good. The 1.6 litre i-DTEC engine offers around 78.5mpg and 94g/km, so it is punchy and you can rely on it.

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