2014 Ford Fiesta ST: Misleading MPG Creates Confusion (Fix)

The latest Ford Fiesta ST is simply sublime with its offerings but there is one issue that have been bugging every owner out there. It is with the MPG counter that has been sharing MPG readings that are not precise at all.

It took the Fiesta ST owners quite a while before they realized where the issue came from and many are already sending the sports hatch back to the service centre to get the issue fixed.

Well, if the servicing queue is too long, then Fiesta ST owners can refer to our remedy for the issue and it is as simple as pushing a button. In detail, all owners have to do is click on the mileage button once and it will reset every digital counter there.

Once the reset is done, owners will see that their Ford Fiesta ST will reflect an average MPG that goes beyond 26mpg. So instead of going to the Ford service centre, owners can resolve the issue with a simple click.

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