2014 Mac Mini Coming Around This Fall?

The people over on Reddit have been talking about rumours of a new Apple iMac Mini coming out and the latest we have heard is that it could arrive in October. There was a rumour going around previously that the iMac Mini was arriving in October of last year, but it didn’t of course. This is speculation of course and if there is a new version coming out it could arrive anytime this year. If and when it does rumour has it that those who want it can buy it the same day as it comes out.

In 2008 we didn’t see an update to the Apple iMac Mini, so it may turn out that Apple will skip a year again. They could be waiting for the arrival of Broadwell, it is said that this could be more suitable for the display.

If Apple does pass over Haswell then it could mean that they are planning on not making a huge overall when it comes to the design. Both Thunderbolt and the Apple Mac Mini could do with a makeover though.

Fans of Apple are keeping their fingers crossed that if Apple redesign the Apple Mac Mini they do not make it difficult to repair. At the same time, they don’t want it changing to the time capsule design.

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