Samsung Galaxy S5: More Clicky, Less Looky

It seems that Samsung may have given up on the idea of an iris scanner for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but they could be going for the fingerprint tech instead.

A source at the Korean Herald said that Samsung are testing different biometric scanners but have cast off the idea of using the iris scanner. Having to put your eye close to the device to unlock it doesn’t seem all that appealing.

An iris scanner would mean that a long range camera module would have to be put into the device, which would mean Samsung having to put either two in so that people can take selfies, or have an elaborate camera setup that would be able to do both.

Lee Young Hee, the executive vice president had talked about an iris scanner but it seems that instead the company are looking at a fingerprint scanner. This would allow the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be unlocked when touched.

Sambon Precision and Electronics Co along with IriTech Inc have both denied they have been holding talks with Samsung, despite rumours pointing to them doing so. Fingerprint Cards AB in the Sweden have said that they are in talks with some major phone makers and they included Korean ones. We have also heard that LG are working on fingerprint tech for the upcoming LG G3.

Apple brought in the fingerprint scanner when they launched the iPhone 5S last year and it was said that HTC had been working on the tech before then, but the HTC One Max appeared after Apple launched their flagship iPhone 5S. Protection Status