Ryse Xbox One Review Hiatus Is Cause For Nailbiting


There are already many rumours and speculations going around the blogosphere talking about the Xbox One and the games that are lined up for Microsoft’s next-gen console. One gaming title seemed to have missed the attention and that is the upcoming Ryse: Son of Rome, at least until today. Little is known about this upcoming … Read more

GTA 5 1.06 Patch Sucks! (10 Reasons Why)


The GTA Online is probably the most popular online game at the moment. Adding to that, game developer Rockstar has just rolled out the 1.06 update to the online game. With the addition of new vehicles, clothing and weapons, the update can be mind-blowing. To everyone else, the update seemed to be more of a … Read more

5 Top Secret GTA 5 Tips & Tricks


In a huge game like the GTA 5, there are a lot of hidden features that needs to be discovered. Many players relied on guides and walkthroughs. While there are plenty of them out there, here are the top 5 tips and tricks for the game. 1. Lose the Cops The police force can be … Read more

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