Volvo XC40: Drive Only When It’s Fun

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It does feel like every automaker is trying to come out with an autonomous tech of their own and it looks like we might also be seeing on from Volvo real soon. However, unlike some of the other autopilot system which will allow drivers to sit back and relax at any time, Volvo’s aim is to allow their drivers to relax only when it is not fun to drive.

According to Hakan Samuelsson, the CEO of Volvo, their plan to not to create a vehicle that will go from one point to the other but to create a vehicle that will take over only when it is not fun to drive like during a traffic jam. They added that their drivers should use that time to do something more productive.

Volvo also added that if they were to offer an autopilot system, they will accept the liability and that they will not market it if it is not safe and secure.