Volkswagen Golf GTi: Prepare To Do A Lot Of Cleaning

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The one thing you hear very often about the Volkswagen Golf GTi is that it is unreliable and that the DSG gearbox is a huge pain to have but is that really the case? Well, according to some of the Volkswagen Golf GTi owners, that is definitely not the case if you put in the work.

According to the users, owning the Volkswagen Golf GTi is fun. In fact, some of them think that it is pretty reliable but only if you are ready to do the dirty work. They pointed out that the Golf GTI oil gets dirty real fast so it is important to keep changing the oil.

If you start skipping on those, the vehicle will start going downhill fast and that is where all the problems will start. Other also added that as long they keep servicing the car, the DSG is not going to be a problem.

However, most of them also seem to agree that most people will need some time to get used to the DSG as the transmission will jolt ahead in stop and go traffic and that can be a little annoying.