Volkswagen Beetle May Not Live To See 2019

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The Beetle is one of the most iconic car on the road right now and it is hard to imagine that it might not be there in 2019. While Volkswagen has not axed the Volkswagen Beetle yet but there were already reports suggesting that the Volkswagen Beetle might get killed off next year.

With the demand for SUV on the rise, it seems like the consumers are no longer interested in two door models like the Volkswagen Beetle anymore but there might still be a way to save it.

According to Klaus Bishoff, Volkswagen’s head of designer, they have no decided on anything yet but the Volkswagen Beetle might be going electric in the future. Of course, he might be talking about a hybrid powertrain but most people believe that they are looking to go full EV with the Beetle.

We know that Volkswagen aim is to have 30 electrified models in the market by 2025 so this plan makes a lot of sense. What do you think?