Toyota Supra Dual Exhaust Misleading

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New spy shots of the upcoming Toyota Supra has made their way online and while the test mule was heavily covered in camo stickers, some features like the dual exhaust and the shape of the vehicle can easily be identified.

Based on the image, it is clear that the Toyota Supra will come with a dual exhaust and that has led to many fans believing that the vehicle will be coming with a V6 engine. However, we also know that BMW will be the one providing the engine this time around and since BMW does not have a V6, it is more likely this the Toyota Supra will be running on a turbocharged inline 6 engine.

A lot of fans also pointed out that the Toyota Supra looked a lot like the GT86 but since most of the car is covered up, we will have to wait for Toyota to unveil the Supra before we can really determine that.

Check out the spy shots here.