Toyota Prius Airbag Recall Feels Minor After Takata

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Before the Takata airbag scandal, a 4.3 million airbag recall would have turned some heads not now. Although that does not mean that the Toyota Prius airbag recall is any less important.

Takata will be issuing a new recall to recall back the 2010 – 2012 Toyota Prius and the Plug-In model over a faulty side curtain airbag. In fact, the Prius is not the only one affected by the recall will also affect the 2011 – 2012 Lexus CT200h models.

According to the report, the side curtain airbag on both the Prius and CT200h which consist of two chambers welded together might crack over time which could cause the curtain airbags to inflate. Affected models will be getting a retention bracket fitted on.

Toyota also issued another issue which will affect both the Prius, CT200h as well as the Auris and HS250h. This recall was recalled after it was discovered that the evaporative emission system would crack leading to fuel leaks. To fix this, Toyota will replace the current canister with an upgrade canister.