The Last Guardian Delay Seen A Good News

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Well, it looks like game fans are slowly accepting the fact that rushing the developers is not going to lead to anything good. No Mans Sky was a great example.

The developers of The Last Guardian has just announced that the game will be arriving a few months later than what they have expected and instead of getting angry and frustrated, the fans seems to be taking the news really well.

Most of them seem to think that the extra few months of waiting is not going to matter now. They have already waited so long for the game to be release. at this point, they would rather wait more and have a great game than wait less and end up having a bad gaming experience.

It has been announcing that The Last Guardian will only be arriving on the 7th of December this year in Europe and 9th of December for UK and Ireland. The US will be getting the game on the 6th of December.