The Division Team To Bring Us Avatar Game

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Avatar the movie was release a few years ago so it does feel like the gmae might be very late to the party but if it is going to be as good as the movies, we are not going to complain.

It has been reproted that Ubisoft is planning to make use of the license that they acquired and that the new Avatar game will be created by the same team that brought is The Division.

Most people were pretty happy with how The Division turn out and they seems to have confident that they would do a good job with the Avatar game as well. Massive Entertainemnt teamed up with Lightstorm, Fox and the other companies to come out with the annoucement video. The video does not reveal any detail about the game but it is still worth watching if you are an Avatar fan. You can check it out below.

Who here are actually excited for an Avatar game?