Tesla Model S Will Be Keeping It In The Loop First

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It might sound like Tesla is favoring their staff when they announce that they will be delivering the Tesla Model 3 to their employees first but that is far from the truth.

As with most new models, there is bound to be a few issues that need to be fixed before it is really ready. That is why Tesla has decided to deliver them to their employees first so that they can start giving them feedbacks first. They can then tweak and update the Tesla Model 3 before it reaches the hands of their customers.

Once Tesla is done delivering it to their employees, the next batch of people who will be getting the new Tesla Model 3 will be those on the west coast starting from those that lives near to Fremont factory.

Production will be starting in July but Tesla will be starting out slow with only 100 units first. They will slowly increase the number as they go and are hoping to produce up to 110,000 units of the Model 3 by the second half of next year.