Tesla Model S 60 Kicked Out By S 75 But Nobody Knew

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We have seen Tesla done this a few times now which is why we were already expecting it to happen to the Tesla Model S. While the Tesla Model S 60 used to be the base model for the model, that is no longer the case as Tesla will be killing off the S 60 model making the S 75 model the new base model for the Tesla Model S.

This was reported after Tesla owners received a letter that informs that the 60kWh option will no longer be available. Those that wants to own one will have to place their orders before the 16th of April this year.

Tesla said in the later than since their 75kWh model is more popular, they wanted to just simplify things and removed the model. The fact was that the S 60 and the S 75 was the same model. They both came with the same engine but the Tesla Model S 60 had a software that limited the battery. Owners can choose to upgrade the vehicle if they wanted to.

Since the S 75 was more popular, we don’t think the people are going to mind it at all.

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