Sprint LG V20 Better Late Than Never

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Sprint was certainly in no rush to announce that they too will be offering the LG V20. While AT&T and T-Mobile announce it as soon as possible, Sprint kept a low profile until they were ready with the new deal.

Sprint customers will be able to pre-order the LG V20 later this month. To sweeten the deal, Sprint also added that customers that trade in their smartphone for the new LG V20 will get a w$200 credit along with a few Bang & Olufson H3 earphone which is worth about $149. That is $349 more if you get the LG V20 from Sprint.

They did not announce the retail price for the new LG V20 but the announcement should not be too far off now. You can start pre-ordering the LG V20 on the 21st of October while the device will be release on the 28th of October. The deal will be offered for a limited time only so you might want to make sure you ask when it ends so that you don’t miss out on it.