Splatoon 2 Will Up Your Team Chemistry

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The thing about games like Splatoon is that you will need to be communicating with your teammates at all times so that you can understand what your team is trying to achieve. Fans have been begging for Nintendo to add a voice chat feature for the longest time and according to Nintendo, that will be happening in Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch.

According to Nintendo, the new game will come with voice chat but there is a twist. Instead of offering the feature in the game itself, Nintendo suggested that the voice chat and matchmaking will be handled by the upcoming smartphone app for Nintendo Switch.

Does this mean that users will have to run the app on their smartphone while playing to communicate with the other players? This part is still a little confusing right now so hopefully, they have more answers to offer us soon.

They added that players will be able to talk to everybody before the game starts but will only be able to communicate with their teammates once the game starts.