Sony Xperia Z5 Keeping It Cool

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It is common for smartphones to have some kind of overheating issues now but surprisingly, the Sony Xperia Z5 seems to be doing a good job at keeping things nice and cool.

When the Sony Xperia Z5 users were asked if they were having any overheating issues with the smartphone, most of them reported that the phone does heat up when it is heavily used but the heat is not unbearable or too extreme.

Some users reported that while the device does stay relatively cool most of the time, it does get quite hot on the top half when they charge it.

Of course, there are some users that reported that their Sony Xperia Z5 will overheat and drain their battery over a short period of time but we might those users might have just gotten the bad apple of the bunch.

Have you been having any heating issues with the Sony Xperia Z5?