Shadow of War Stepping Out Of The Box

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As nice as the first game was, some players felt like they were being boxed in. Since the game was set in Mordor and Mordor only, players got tired of the environment quickly. One of the things that fans were hoping would happen in the sequel was the chance to explore places outside of Mordor. Based on the trailer, it looks like that is exactly what Monolith will be offering us.

The new name of the game should already tell us that it is not going to be about Mordor this time. We now that the Dark Lord’s army is bigger now and they have already started attacking human cities so that means the fans will get to travel to this new places now. They added that we will see forest, snowy mountains and other landscape this time around.

Not only will there be new places but we will also see new characters and few new features thanks to the Nemesis system. The game will also be a lot bigger now.

The new Shadow of War will be released this year. You can check out the trailer of the game below.