Shadow of Mordor 2 Will Be Heading To Nintendo NX?

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There is really not many details about Shadow of Mordor 2 right now and while Warner Bros never really did announce the sequel, most of their fans believe that the sequel is coming after the game was spotted in the resume of a stunt actress not too long ago.

We were all expecting to see the game at E3 2016 this year but we did not. Some fans are now saying that the game was not shown at E3 2016 because they are waiting for Nintendo to announce their Nintendo NX console first.

Shadow of Mordor was not a Nintendo game but some fans have reported that Monolith, the creator of the first Shadow of Mordor has started looking for a Quality Assurance Manager that has certification standards for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

The fact that Nintendo was listed had led many fans to believe that the game might be released on the new Nintendo NX as well. Of course, they new manager might not even be working on the Shadow of Mordor sequel but it does make us wonder if there could be such a possibility.