Shadow of Mordor 2: Uruks Will Be More Expressive

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Did you know that the developers of Shadow of Mordor, Monolith actually created 1.04 billion unique Nemesis for Shadow of Mordor? That means there are 1.04billion Uruks in the game that has their own set of fears, dreams, and hope.

We probably missed most of that because we were so busy killing them but that does not make their effort any less impressive. Monolith did say that there were hoping that they could do more with the Nemesis system which means the Uruks could have even more characteristic in the future.

Of course, that is only if they build the sequel to the game. Monolith has not confirmed anything yet but most fans seem to think that a sequel is being made. The listing of the game on the resume of a stunt actress did help hype things up. Do you think a sequel is in the making?