Shadow of Mordor 2: That Was Fun While It Last

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Other than the leak on the resume, we have not really gotten any real detail that would suggest that a Shadow of Mordor sequel is in the making. At this point, many of the fans have already given up waiting for the sequel, should we all.

Most people believe that there was going to be a sequel mainly because the ending of the first game suggest that there might be more to the story. However, Monolith could have put it there so that they can pick it up if they wanted to. That does not mean that they will be doing it.

Others said that the way Monolith talked about their Nemesis system and how they have more planned for the future suggest that there will be more. Then there was the resume of the stunt actress. Shadow of Mordor 2 was listed as one of her past jobs and the fans took that as a hint that a sequel is coming.

However, with so little detail about the game, it is hard to believe that there is actually going to be a new Shadow of Mordor game in the near future.