Shadow of Mordor 2 Silent Once More

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There was so much hype about the Shadow of Mordor 2 before E3 when we all thought that the developer was going to announce the sequel then but as we all know now. That did not happen. In fact, we have not heard anything about Shadow of Mordor 2 since the game was “leaked” in a resume earlier this year.

Fans of Shadow of Mordor got all excited when it was announced that the game was spotted in a resume of a stunt actress. The actress listed Shadow of Mordor 2 as one of her past jobs leading many to believe that the development of the game is well underway.

However, Warner Bros has never come out to confirm or deny any of those rumor. At this point, nobody really knows if there is ever going to be a Shadow of Mordor 2 but we all know that a lot of people are actually hoping that they would create a sequel to the game.