Shadow Of Mordor 2: More To Uruks Than Meets The Eyes

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In the movies and in the games, the orcs and uruks are merely creatures that must be killed on sight but in the last Shadow of Mordor game, the developers gave the Uruks an identity. We got to see their fears, dreams as well as hope but they are not looking to stop there.

It is believed that Monolith actually had more planned for the Nemesis system which means we could be facing a more realistic and interesting Uruk when the Shadow of Mordor 2 arrives.

Of course, that is if the game does arrive. Nobody seems to know if there is going to be a sequel or not but the ending of the last game and some of the leaks does suggest that there might be a sequel.

Monolith recently reveals in an interview that they have actually created more than 1.04 billion of unique Nemesis for Shadow of Mordor but the fans would have probably killed most of them.