Shadow of Mordor 2: More Things To Look At Before Making The Kill

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One of the most interesting parts of the game Shadow of Mordor was that the enemies were not just enemies. They all had their own set of fears, hope and dreams and players can use that information to decided how to kill them.

When the Shadow of Mordor was first released, the developers mentioned that they were hoping to do more with the new Nemesis system and that they will be adding more features in the future.

Many fans believe that the future they mention was the Shadow of Mordor 2. Although the developers have never confirmed the fact that they are working on a sequel most people believe they are especially after the game was seen listed in the resume of a stunt actress.

If a sequel does arrive, we are expecting the Uruks to now come wth an even more interesting characteristic. According to Monolith, the made a total of 1.04billion Uruks when tey made the first game but we probably did not get to see all of them since most of them would have probably been killed.