Shadow of Mordor 2: More Things To Analyze

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In Shadow of Mordor, if you wanted to kill the Uruk without all the commotion, you need to check out the Uruk’s fears, hope, and dream. As interesting as that was, it looks like we might have more to consider the next time we go on an Uruk hunt.

According to Monolith, they wanted to add more features to the Nemesis system and said that they will be doing more with it the next time. That means the Shadow of Mordor’s Uruk could have more characteristic if the game arrives.

As of now, nobody really knows for sure if a sequel is going to happen or not but a lot of people seems to believe that it is based on the leaks and rumors out there. If a sequel is made, we are expecting them to do more with the Nemesis system.

Monolith recently reveals that they have actually made about 1.04billion Uruks when they created the Shadow of Mordor 2 but most of us would have probably missed a lot of them as we were busy killing them off.