Shadow of Mordor 2: Is There Any Hope

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The first Shadow of Mordor game was great but it was not perfect and that is probably why their fans want to see a sequel. They want to see the developers work on some of the issues and come out with a game that is much better than the first but will that happen?

We all thought that it would especially when the name Shadow of Mordor 2 was spotted in a resume of a stunt actress. The dev did not confirm or deny the rumors but most people seems to believe that a sequel is in the making.

Fans pointed out that the developers definitely looked like they were interested in making a sequel to the game when they first release it back in 2014. They talked about the Nemesis system and how much more they could be doing with it.

Hovewer, with so little details out there, it is hard to say for sure if a sequel will be made. Do you think a sequel is being developed right now?