Shadow of Mordor 2: How To Not Disappoint

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The fact now is that nobody really knows if there is going to be a Shadow of Mordor 2 or not but most of the fans seem to believe that there is going to be one after seeing some of the leaks.

The most convincing leak so far was when the game was spotted in the resume of a stunt actress but we have seen or heard much about the sequel ever since that. If they do come out with a sequel, they will have to make sure they offer their fans something that they actually want. So what are the fans looking for in the sequel?

Well, one of the most impressive features about the Shadow of Mordor was the new Nemesis system. The fans are hoping that the system will be brought back in the sequel and that the developers will add a few more features to the system.

There are others that were hoping that the Shadow of Mordor 2 will allow them to travel outside of Mordor but since this is a Shadow of Mordor game, the traveling outside of Mordor will have to make sense.

What are you looking for in the sequel?