Scion tC Kicked In Favor Of Corolla

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We know Toyota is looking to dropped the Scion badge along with most of its models but models like the FRS will still be making it over to Toyota. So what about the Scion tC.

Well, the Scion tC will definitely not be making it over to Toyota but some fans are wondering why? Well, since the Scion tC would probably clash with the Toyota Corolla if Toyota does decide to bring it over, it made sense that they did not want to offer two of the same kind of model especially now that the Corolla is doing so well.

With the Scion tC being so out of date, carrying it over to Toyota won’t be as easy as sticking a badge on. They will have to spend for on coming out with an upgraded design and updates.

At the end of the day, killing off the tC for good made more sense. Are you sad to see it go?