Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Is This Price Too Much?

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We all got to see the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 at the Mobile World Congress this year and while Samsung did release a lot of information about the tablet, the one thing that they did not reveal was the price.

While we are still waiting for them to announce the official price of the device, Best Buy has already started listing the device on their site for $599.99. SlashGear later announced that Samsung has also confirmed that that is the price for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

If that is true, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is way more expensive than we thought it will be. We do understand that it is a powerful tablet and it will also come with a powerful S Pen, but Android tablet has been losing its appeal for some time now and some people think that the high prize is not going to help here as well.

They also added that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be available for pre-orders on Samsung’s own site, Best Buy, and Amazon on the 17th of March while in-store purchases will start the following week.