Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Be Making The Same Mistake

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Samsung has made it clear from the start that the reason why their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 kept catching fire and exploding was because of the battery. To make sure the same thing is not going to happen on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung has decided to ask their rival for help.

Instead of using the same batteries, it looks like Samsung might be getting the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery from LG this time around. According to Reuters, Samsung is working out a plan with LG Chem for the new battery.

LG Chem has been providing lithium-ion batteries for smartphones, cars, laptops, and tablets so their batteries should be safer. It is important for Samsung to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 right if they want to win back the trust of their fans.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did a lot of damage to the reputation of the company and they can’t really afford another failure.