Samsung Galaxy S8: New Color Leaked, Think Barney

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Like the last few Samsung smartphone, we are expecting Samsung Galaxy S8 to come in with four color option this time around, Black, Grey, Blue, and Silver but a new leak image seems to suggest that there is going to be one more color option. Purple.

The leak came from @kksneaksleaks. Looking at the image, the Purple is more subtle than the Blue or Silver model but not as boring as the Black model. We could see how this would be appealing to some of the buyers.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 announcement is just days away and we can’t wait to see what Samsung will be announcing even though at this point, most of the details has already been leaked including the slim bezel and missing home button.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be unveiled on the 29th of March. What are you hoping to see this time around?

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