Samsung Galaxy S7 Did Not Help Save Their Reputation

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Despite all the problems they had with the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung was still voted as the most reputable company in the Reputation Institute Survey. With the kind of success they Samsung Galaxy S7 got earlier this year, you would think that they will be able to keep the top spot.

Well, not really. The Reputation Institute Survey reveal a new winner this year pushing Samsung to the second spot. The first spot is now taken over by Amazon. Samsung might have lost to Amazon but they are still ahead of Apple which is still good news.

However, with all the problem they have been facing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 right now, we won’t be surprised if they end up slipping lower in the survey next year.

Reports about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding batteries have been reported all over the world and Samsung have already issued a recall to get the problem fix. Do you think this will affect how the people view Samsung?