Samsung Galaxy S5 Stock Shortage After Force Majeure?

The recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5 has certainly received some positive remarks about it. As the hype builds on towards its April 11 release, the device experienced some turbulence which could see some delay with its debut.

Just yesterday, a delay is expected in South Korea following the temporary ban being put in place by the government. Now, the factory producing the Galaxy S5 has caught fire. The blaze which occurred at 7pm was so intense that 287 firefighters were despatched to put it out.

After 6 hours of battle, the fire finally recedes leaving behind $1billion in damages. Samsung has yet to respond or announce anything in regards to this tragedy. However, it is safe to assume that there will definitely be a shortage of stock on April 11.

On another note, there is also the issue where the Korean company was experiencing problems when producing the fingerprint sensors for the Galaxy S5. Majority of the sensors produced are faulty which will affect the total output of the S5.

There is no issue with the Galaxy S5 itself but with all these external factors plaguing Samsung, a delay is anticipated. Of course, Samsung will attempt to proceed as how it was planned. We will definitely see how things unfold in the coming weeks.

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