Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Be Back To Haunt Us

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Even if Samsung does find a fix for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, people are not just going to forget about it and people will still be worried about owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

According to The Investor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not out of the picture yet as Samsung is still working on a fix for it. It is said that Samsung might be thinking about selling the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 next year.

They also added that the device will be sold in emerging markets like India and Vietnam. While it does make sense that Samsung would not want to waste all the Note 7, it would be very bad for their reputation especially if it explodes again. With where Samsung is right now, that is not a risk that they can take.

As it turns out, the source of the story was traced all the way back to September when Samsung was only working to fix the device for the first time. After the fixed did not work, Samsung was forced to recall the device once more and we think that will be the end of the Note 7.