Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Sony Xperia XZ vs LG G5: Worst Of 2016?

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This year has been an interesting year for the Android community. Smartphones that we believe would be a huge hit this year did not live up to standard while newcomers like the Pixel dominated the market. Here are some of the Android device that was a huge let down this year.

The biggest let down would definitely be the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After all the hype about the Iris scanner and all the new feature, Samsung was forced to recall the device after a few of their Note 7 started exploding. The Note 7 could have been the top selling model if that did not happen.

Fans of the Sony Xperia Z Series were also hoping to see a new model this year but instead, Sony decided to bring out a new series and introduced the new Sony Xperia XZ flagship.

LG created a lot of buzz when they first reveal the modular design but the LG G5 with its modular design just did not work. We still like the idea but we are hoping that LG would find a way to make things smoother and easier to use.