Samsung Galaxy Note 7: It Will All Be Clear Now

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There is no denying that there was something really wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung thought that it was the battery and started working on replacing the battery of the device but the problem was bigger than that.

Well, after months o investigating, Samsung finally has an answer and they are ready to tell us the reason this week. The event will be on the 22nd of January at 8 pm EST. Not only will Samsung explained what happen but they will also talk about some fo the changes they made to the company of the incident.

The timing of the reveal could not be better. Samsung is currently preparing to announce their Samsung Galaxy S8 which is why it is so important for them to get all the mess cleaned up first.

They wanted the trust of the fans back and they can only do so if they can show the fans that they know what is going on and that they can stop it from happening once more.