Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Catching Fire Not The Only Issue

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We have all heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery watching fires and exploding but it looks like that is not the only battery issue that their customers are experiencing right now.

Samsung is now scrambling to solve the whole exploding battery issue by issuing a recall for their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but those still brave enough to use them are reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does seem to have another battery related issue. Users have been reporting that the Note 7 seems to have a battery drainage issue.

A lot of them reported about 6% to 8% of battery loss when the smartphone is out on standby at night. Some users have reported that the device draining issue have been getting better when compared to when they first got it but it is still in the 3% range.

Most people seem to blame the Android operating system while others think that it might be the WiFi connection. Are any of you having the same problem?