Samsung Galaxy A5: New Battery Life Destroys Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s

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Smartphone manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the battery life of their device as that seems to be one of the main problems that everybody is experiencing with smartphones right now.

While Samsung did mess up with the Samsung Galaxy S8, it looks like they are making up for it with the new battery for the Samsung Galaxy A5. While it is not a premium smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A5 with its 3000mAh battery is said to be able to deliver about 13 hours of web browsing time with 3G connection.

Because it sounded too good, the guys over at PhoneArena decided to test it out for themselves and what they found out was that they did manage to get about 11 hours and 9 minutes in their custom test. Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 only managed to last about 6 hours and 37minutes in the same test while the iPhone 7 lasted 7 hours and 46minutes.