Resident Evil 7: Finger Not The Only Mystery

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The Resident Evil 7 demo has been released for some time now and you would think that most of the secrets in the demo would have probably been found by now but the fact is that there are a lot more mysteries that we can’t seem to find and answer to. Besides the mysterious dummy finger, here are some of the other mysterious that players are still trying to solve.

Those that had played the demo has noticed that there were arrows on the Bookcases. Some people think that it might be a clue while other think that it was just a texture used in the game and does not actually lead to anything.

If you walk up the stairs in the VHS video, you will see the headphones on the table. Most people couldn’t figure it out at first but it is believed that if you turn the background volume to 0 and voice volume to 10, you will hear the message “Just a little bit more”. However, nobody knows what that means.

Most people think that we might be seeing a few more short demos like this before the game arrives.